Glynn County residents:

VIEW the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful RECYCLE GRID

to find out where and what to recycle!



Glynn County residents:

VIEW the nontraditional items that you can separate and bring to the 

Keep Golden Isles Beautiful office and we will recycle them for you.




HERE is how this can happen. How can I recycle collected cigarette waste?

OR, just bring your cigarette waste to Maggie Mae's in downtown Brunswick!

Maggie Mae

Keep Golden Isles Beautiful has partnered with TerraCycle to offer cigarette waste recycling options

to our local community. Already on board with the program are Maggie Mae's Restaurant, Cast Aways

Lounge, King and Prince Seafood, and many Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Adopt-A Program groups. With

cigarette butts the number one littered item, there now is an easy and free way to recycle the butts

collected from roadways, as well as cigarette waste generated at home and work.



Loose Plastic Lids



Did you know that Staples stores recycle electronics? 



Keep Golden Isles Beautiful

Off-Site Recycling Trailer


Reserve the OFF SITE RECYCLING TRAILER for your next

special event, fundraiser or family reunion.  This is a FREE service

provided by Keep Golden Isles Beautiful.  Contact us for more information.

 Off-Site Recycle Trailer Before1       Off-Site Recycle Trailer After1

To prepare the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Off-Site Recycle Trailer, it was given an extreme makeover

- with recycled paint - by Keep Golden Isles Beautiful staff. When you reserve this trailer, included are up to four

rolling carts and up to 90 folding metal bins. The carts take up the front section of the trailer and are attached near

the colorful rectangle so they do not move in transport. When you make your reservation, please consider how

many trash cans will be at your event... that is the number of recycle bins we suggest that you reserve.

We want to help make recycling at your next event EASY and FUN!

Off-Site Recycle Trailer

This is the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Recycle Trailer with an assembled bin.

The trailer holds up to four rolling carts and up to 90 folding metal bins.


Brent N. of Pull for a Kid Tug-of-War set up one recycling bin next to his trash can

at an event, saving 48 pounds of recycling from reaching the landfill.



WHY do my neighbors have

a recycle bin and I don't?

BECAUSE you haven't ordered one yet!


If a homeowner pays for waste removal at a residence,

the homeowner is already paying for a recycle bin!

HELP DECREASE LANDFILL WASTE and order your free recycle bin today!

Call us at 279-1490 for more information.



City of Brunswick


Public Works Department: 912-267-3703 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Visit the City's website for month-to-month recycling service updates.

BwkRecycling 2012 1

BwkRecycling 2012 2




Glynn County


Sign up for curbside recycling via Glynn County's Customer Service Department: 912-554-7111

or online by setting up an account on the Glynn County website.


Visit the County's website for month-to-month recycling service updates.


Single Stream Flyer

               COUNTY RESIDENTS:

               Items Accepted: Opened mail & greeting cards, Paper egg cartons,

               Paperboard boxes, #1-7 Plastic tubs, #1-7 Plastic bottles & jugs, File

               folders, Blueprints, Phone Books, Cans, Magazines, Brochures,

               Catalogs, White or pastel office paper, Glass bottles & jars,

               Newspapers & inserts, Corrugated cardboard & paper bags, Paperback

               books, clean, balled aluminum foil (2 inches or larger) and pie pans.

               *NOTE: Service is every other week on the same day as garbage

                 collection.  Look for a pink or yellow sticker on your recycling bin

                 - match this color with the above calendar to know which week

                 your recycling is picked up.

               JEKYLL RESIDENTS:

               Contact JIA Administration at 635-4097.  Curbside collection

               service provided weekly.

               Items Accepted: Aluminum, Cardboard, Glass, Plastic Bottles &

               Containers (#1-7), Junk Mail, Magazines, Newspapers, Office     

               Paper, Telephone Books, Tin.         




How can my business receive general information

about service providers or recycling facilities?

Contact Keep Golden Isles Beautiful at

912.279.1490 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How much should my business expect to pay for recycling services?

There are a number of factors that determine the price a business will pay for

recycling services.  The cost depends on the services the business requires, the volume

of recyclables collected, and serviceability (including location and ease of access).

                    *For detailed information, please contact the following providers:

                           - Glynn Iron and Metal - 912.265.4384;                        

                           - Southland Waste Systems - 912.267.6400; or

                           - Waste Management - 912.267.1345.


*Note: this list may change as we become aware of new recycling service providers.


Are there stand-alone recycling facilities my business can go

to drop-off recyclable materials?

We recommend calling the following drop-off recycling facilities

in advance to verify hours of operation and type of materials accepted.


                             Glynn County

                   Glynn Iron and Metal - 205 B&F Road, Brunswick

                       Liberty Roll-Offs & Recycling - 5032 Habersham Street, Brunswick (*cardboard only)

                       Republic Services, Inc. - 550 Young Lane, Brunswick; or Demere Road, St.

                             Simons Island

                       Waste Management - 6019 Habersham Street, Brunswick


  Where can my business take office supplies such as printer cartridges,

             toner, old computers, etc. to be recycled?

                       Some stores that sell office supplies will also recycle printer cartridges and

                       toner.  For further information, businesses may contact Lowes, Office Depot,

                       Staples or The Home Depot.


                       To recycle large quantities of used electronics (computers, copy machines,

                       etc.), please call us at 912.279.1490; or donate your used electronics to

                       a non-profit agency. 

           Are there recycling services that will shred sensitive materials?

                       Yes, Record Services, Inc. in Brunswick will shred sensitive materials.  

                       You can contact Record Services, Inc. at 912.280.9868.  They are located

                       at 2121 Coast Street.

                       There are also companies outside our immediate area that will shred and

                       recycle sensitive materials.  Depending on the volume, they may also pickup

                       your materials.


          What is my role as a business to recycle?

                         As a business, it is up to you to recycle as much as you can in a way that is cost

                         efficient to you.  It is important for businesses to create an environment that

                         encourages their workers to become enthusiastic about recycling.  Setting

                         standards for employee recycling and creating easily accessible recycling areas

                         on your premises greatly improves the chances of success for your recycling program.

                         A business should look at a recycling provider as a partner and understand the

                         limitations of the recycling service.  By working together to create a recycling plan

                         appropriate for you needs, the business and service provider can come to an

                         arrangement that is both easily managed and cost-efficient.


                         Keep Golden Isles Beautiful offers assistance to businesses regarding individualized

                         recycling plan development and best practices.  Our staff is happy to talk with a

                         representative from your company over the phone, at our offices or at your business.

                         For more information, please contact Keep Golden Isles Beautiful.

                         You may also visit the Keep Golden Isles Beautiful Facebook Page.


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